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Best Personal Blenders 2017

You may want to buy a blender but in the end feel a bit overwhelmed with all the features and choices in the marker. Truth is, you can feel very intimidated and especially if you are inexperienced and the necessary knowledge in this line of domestic device. Green smoothie blenders come in a large variety of prices, features and functions. Well, the burning question is – what is the best blender for green smoothies, esspecially the best personal blender that fits your need?

Naturally, smoothie blenders usually have a very tough task. Crushing frozen fruit and ice in plenty can be a bit taxing on this piece of equipment. That’s reason enough to be wary of the dependability of the appliance you are purchasing.

The Five Best Personal Blenders for Green Smoothies

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

The NutriBullet NBR-12 Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer effortlessly breaks down fruits and vegetables for ease of use. Whether the stems, leaves and seeds, it cracks through and bursts them open, and pulverizes vital nutrition from tough skins then turns into delicious, healthy drinks. It utilizes a 600 watt motor and high-torque power base along with an exclusive combination of extractor technology in patented blade design and cyclonic action for yielding your nutritious drink.

It only takes quite a few seconds to prepare and the same applies when cleaning your appliance. Aside from all its great features, this 12-piece set is portable, very convenient to bring along and is also safe for kids.

Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)

The NJ 600 is equipped with 1000 Watts professional performance power incorporated in a sleek design. This blender features Total Crushing Technology ideal not only for blending but for pureeing, controlled processing, and of course, ice crushing. Whole fruits and vegetables are crushed in seconds, providing for a quick and easy way to serve healthy drinks and smoothies with the XL 72 oz Jar/Pitcher that is perfect for the entire family.

Your safety is assured because all parts are BPA free and cleaning is made easier since it is dishwasher safe. You can also create a myriad of sauces and dips to complement meals.

Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set

This Magic Bullet MBR-1701 compact countertop appliance is versatile as it performs the functions of a food processor, coffee grinder, and green smoothie blender altogether yet requires only space needed such as what you’ll need for a coffee mug. It is very easy to use, letting you chop, mix, whip, grind, blend and more in around an incredible 10 seconds or less.

In almost an instant, you can prepare the tastiest and healthiest drinks and meals. Magic Bullet MBR-1701 includes 17 pieces of high-speed and durable mixing system and various cup sizes that are microwave, freezer safe, and parts are dishwasher safe.

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

The multi-purpose function of the Ninja Master Prep empowers you to crush ice, blend frozen fruits, and chop ingredients with ease and evenly. Mince, dice, blend, chop and puree with its stacked, quad blade technology and 400 Watt power, exhibiting cutting edge performance.

It brings convenience with the included chopper bowl and 48oz pitcher made with an easy pour spout, both possessing anti-spill splashguards and non-slip bases for keeping it steady and everything clean. Expect consistent results with the 16oz cup and perfect frozen blending with the 48 oz pitcher, through the ergonomic pod for easy switching of cups and a one touch pulse button for optimal control.

Cuisinart Blending/Chopping System CPB-300, 15-Piece

Cuisinart Smart Power CPB-300 is designed to make smoothies in a breeze. Mince, chop, whip food and drinks in the shortest time poured into perfectly sized travel cups. A 15 piece complete set, The Cuisinart CPB-300 is built with a 350 Watt powerful motor within its ABS housing with a front panel made of stainless steel.

It presents a sleek, modern design with the electronic touchpad and LED indicator lights. Safety is assured with the auto stop and safety interlock features and also comes with BPA free cups. This product will surely make life easier, add value and style to your kitchen, and make it more attractive.

How to Choose the Best Blender for Green Smoothies: What Should I Look For?

While buying a blender that’s ideal for your culinary tasks can be somewhat overwhelming; a step by step buyer’s guide can be the perfect solution for your dilemma. Here is a buyer’s guide and the features that you need to look for in the best green smoothie blender:

Safe and Durable

Pick a blender that ensures both safety at home such as from curious kids, as well as for you and your family with safe materials used such as those that are BPA free and non-toxic. Consider plastic or glass cups or pitchers that are durable and will last long in your kitchen.


Pay particular attention to the material used to make the base and gear assembly. Blenders made of plastic cannot measure up to blenders made up of metal or stainless steel. While most blenders are advertised as dishwasher-safe, ensure that some of the gadgets such as rubber gaskets are hand-washed. Check the warranty given by the manufacturer. While some offer a six month warranty others may offer up to a six-year warranty.


Not all blenders are made equal; counter top blender wattage can range from 300-1500 watts. For regular daily use, a blender with 300 to 600 watts should be fine. In spite of how much speed you want, you’ll without a doubt want your blender to contain a pulse button. Pulsing allows you additional control over the ingredients you’re processing and guarantees that you don’t over-process.

Size of the motor

The 3HP commercial/professional blenders are usually the fastest blenders. The 2HP watts are also commercially-used and heavy duty. Home kitchen blenders are usually listed in Watts – from 600W to 700W to 800W. A better motor gives you a finely blended smoothie.

Blender Jars

Blender jars can either be made of metal, plastic, glass or polycarbonate. Plastic jars are the cheapest and their simplicity makes them easy to hold when full. However, they lightweight design makes them easy to handle when full. However, they may retain odors and can get scratches. For a variety of recipes, consider other options.

Glass jars are the most stable for they are the heaviest. The only con is if you drop it – then you’ll be back to the shops. Unlike plastic jars, they don’t retain odors and are not as prone to scratches. Polycarbonate blenders are the newest and manufacturers allege that they are shatterproof. Stainless steel offers the benefits of being more durable and lighter weight than glass or plastic.

Size of the blender container

If smoothies are for the whole family, a bigger blender is ideal. A 32-64 ounce blender

Ease of cleaning

Entry-level blenders feature dial controls or a switch that contribute to ease of use but not essentially ease of cleaning; grime and spills may accumulate around the switches or buttons. Touch pad controls are easy to clean but are usually only available on more expensive models. Some users may find them trickier to control than conventional switches and buttons.

Removable blades can allow for easy cleaning, but blenders with this feature may be more prone to leakages than the non-removable ones. Clearly, there’s no clear winner here. In order to own one of the best blenders for green smoothies, it’s usually mostly a matter of inclination more than anything else.


Acquiring the best blender for green smoothies greatly helps in achieving the healthiest possible lifestyle. Eating healthy does not really require great efforts such as making nutritious green smoothies fun and as easy as 1-2-3. Add your fruits and veggies, blend, then pour, which altogether takes even less than a minute of your time. Having a green smoothie a great way to start your day and is likewise extremely satisfying anytime.

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